by David Tandet

Social Media is no longer news.

Not that it was ever some flash-in-the-pan!

What I mean is: it’s here, it’s here in a big way, and it’s here to stay for at least forever.

But that still doesn’t mean that any business or nonprofit that wants to use digital networking can benefit the same as any other from, say, Twitter.

If you’re this week’s favorite flavor reality star, no doubt about it: what you ate at Johnny Rockets is big stuff.

But if you’re Harry the Plumber?

Well I’m not sure anything related to your business is going to generate frenzy among Twitter followers.

So if Harry asks you whether he should get going on Twitter, what are you going to tell him?

My colleagues, master web consultants Tim Plunkett and Clint Hanson, put it in an interesting context: sometimes the most important thing you can do for a client is remind her that a tool like Twitter does not run itself. Someone has to attend to it.

That may seem obvious, but it’s amazing how many folks still don’t have their heads around the concept.

Once that part is explained – and assuming it sinks in – the rest is easy.

Harry the Plumber will realize he doesn’t want to be bothered tweeting through a day filled with appointments at clogged  drains.

He’ll understand that even if he can find the time to tweet, no one’s interested . . . usually.

But if Harry still decides to tweet tell me his handle. I want to see what he’s tweeting about!

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