by David Tandet

Manatt, Phelps is a law firm that provides personalized care for integrated legal services. After an old friend told me about a presentation she’d made to some attorneys there, I went to their website to find out more.

The narrative I immediately became engaged in was about what it takes to succeed in business. More significantly, it was about what it would take me, the reader, to succeed.

Whether I needed guidance through regulatory bramble or dealmaking assistance, Manatt became the legal piece of the puzzle that fit perfectly into my vision for the future.

Manatt has an impressive roster of clients for whom it does excellent work. This is all the more reason to demonstrate, through its media relations, two cornerstones of premium legal services:

• A continuing commitment to customized care for longtime clients.

• An assurance that every detail of a potential client’s legal needs will be met.

Manatt validates both.

An organization that conveys the high value it places on each principle knows what great business communication is about.

Could any client imagine a more rewarding story to be part of?

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