by David Tandet

At the 2009 CES — January 8-11 in Las Vegas — thousands of content and digital entertainment professionals will be checking out the exhibits and sessions at the granddaddy of all consumer electronics shows.

Does the prospect of so many new channels to inform potential and longtime buyers about goods and services seem a bit daunting?

It shouldn’t.

Anyone with a message to send should be energized by the myriad possibilities. Just remember: good writing separates you from the pack.

The newest audio, video and home theater equipment still needs content. And with so many ways to reach your target audience, the best marketers are figuring out new ways to carry the message. Game product placement . . . lyric refs . . . the result is more powerful messages to the existing consumer base. More important: it means a larger consumer base.

With so many ways to connect, it’s more important than ever to insist on well written content.

Good writing makes your point. Its effect is immediate. It creates a positive and lasting impression on your target audience.

Why settle for less in the coming year?

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