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Make Corporate Bio More Like Resume

by David Tandet Got a call from a colleague recently who had a big problem. As in big bio. My friend was willing to put in all the information the executive wanted, of course. But she wanted to make sure her client realized most readers were going to stop reading after the first paragraph. It’s

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10 Reasons To Use Lists In Your Writing

by David Tandet 1. Numbers give readers something to hang their hats on. We humans are programmed to relate to organized categories. When it comes to learning, we process organized material faster and more completely. If the information you’re providing lends itself to being outlined, why not help your readers out? 2. People want gems

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Our Writers Group

(Or, how I spend my once-a-month for 2 or so hour Thursday vacations.) by David Tandet These are the emails that found their way to the in-boxes of the respective members of our writers group last Wednesday: We’re still on for Thursday, right? (Kevin) Yep! (Joy) Totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Debra) mmm . . . (Just kidding – wouldn’t

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