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Kim Woodbridge Does Facebook (For You)

by David Tandet Got an email from Toni the other day. We haven’t been in touch for years. Her email began, “I was trying to find u on Facebook . . .” I think someone’s trying to tell me DAVE, GET WITH THE PROGRAM! At least when I do get with it, I’ve got a

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Ann Wylie Teaches Writers How

by David Tandet Wylie’s writing is like a terrific dresser: consistently great from top to bottom, always with something new that you can’t wait to see. – David Tandet Wylie Provides “Dos” Writers Can Use The June 2011 issue of “Wylie’s Writing Tips” is an example of communications consultant Ann Wylie’s great writing and clear

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Google Grants Empowers Non-Profits

by David Tandet A fundraiser friend in Santa Barbara was complaining about the difficulty of making more people aware of the non-profit she was doing pro bono work for, while keeping the organization’s costs down. “Have you tried Google Grants?” I asked. “What’s that?” “Just the best thing since sliced bread. Your 501(c)(3) might be

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The Donut Rule

by David Tandet The most profound grant writing rule I ever learned is “the donut rule.” A long time ago I heard William Rosenberg, founder of Dunkin’ Donuts, being interviewed. The interviewer asked Mr. Rosenberg the secret of his success. Rosenberg answered, “Give customers what they want, not what you want.” Actually, that’s similar to

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The Greatest Sales Letter Ever

by David Tandet The greatest sales letter is “I”- from a “you” perspective. Thinking about a product’s benefits to consumers is a start. It simply doesn’t go far enough. Say the corner bakery wants to compete in the convenience breakfast market selling donuts and coffee curbside. You’ve been hired to write the first ad. What

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Human Billboards: You Look Good In Back

by David Tandet Here’s how it is: human billboards are a hot trend. Consider: • Darren Little’s TatAD agency in Vancouver, BC hires folks to wear temporary or permanent tattoos with clients’ names and logos. • defines human billboards as people that “hold signs or banners emblazoned with promotional and advertising messages in high-traffic

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Christian Boyce Goes the Extra Mile . . .

. . . and he’s already starting out way past square one. by David Tandet Just got a great email from Christian reminding me my recent purchase of a computer entitles me to a good deal on software. So who is Christian Boyce? A computer rep or store manager? Nope. Just “the best Mac advice

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by David Tandet Increasing  social media has the same effect on good writing that the size of a parking structure has on nice cars: not much. Some networkers babble on in disjointed streams of consciousness. Others? Wordsmiths to the max. But when it comes to the need for effective writing in all this, there’s no

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Emily’s World: How Non-Profits Can (And Should!) Use Social Web

by David Tandet Came across a terrific item by Emily (Emily’s World) on how non-profits can use the social web to spread the word. Believe it or not, the whole concept of simply “getting the message out” is not as much of a no-brainer as it might first appear. That’s because a lot of people

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Samsung’s Point of Purchase

 by David Tandet Samsung, the company that holds the top unit volume share in the U.S. for LCD TVs, isn’t resting on its laurels. Forward thinking product development and marketing took Samsung to number one in the first place. They haven’t forgotten that. Samsung initially put in-store displays at 2,000 U.S. retailers to educate consumers

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