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Tweet Thoughts

by David Tandet Social Media is no longer news. Not that it was ever some flash-in-the-pan! What I mean is: it’s here, it’s here in a big way, and it’s here to stay for at least forever. But that still doesn’t mean that any business or nonprofit that wants to use digital networking can benefit

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Kim Woodbridge Does Facebook (For You)

by David Tandet Got an email from Toni the other day. We haven’t been in touch for years. Her email began, “I was trying to find u on Facebook . . .” I think someone’s trying to tell me DAVE, GET WITH THE PROGRAM! At least when I do get with it, I’ve got a

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Google Grants Empowers Non-Profits

by David Tandet A fundraiser friend in Santa Barbara was complaining about the difficulty of making more people aware of the non-profit she was doing pro bono work for, while keeping the organization’s costs down. “Have you tried Google Grants?” I asked. “What’s that?” “Just the best thing since sliced bread. Your 501(c)(3) might be

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Manatt, Phelps & Phillips Does it Right

by David Tandet Manatt, Phelps is a law firm that provides personalized care for integrated legal services. After an old friend told me about a presentation she’d made to some attorneys there, I went to their website to find out more. The narrative I immediately became engaged in was about what it takes to succeed

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Public/Private Funding Partnerships Demand Proactive PR

by David Tandet Philanthropy and public relations have a long history together. When 19th century tycoons were attacked as robber barons, several set up foundations to contribute to good causes — in part to fend off the verbal assaults. Sometimes the infusion of capital into new works was so great that foundations had to set

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by David Tandet Increasing  social media has the same effect on good writing that the size of a parking structure has on nice cars: not much. Some networkers babble on in disjointed streams of consciousness. Others? Wordsmiths to the max. But when it comes to the need for effective writing in all this, there’s no

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Emily’s World: How Non-Profits Can (And Should!) Use Social Web

by David Tandet Came across a terrific item by Emily (Emily’s World) on how non-profits can use the social web to spread the word. Believe it or not, the whole concept of simply “getting the message out” is not as much of a no-brainer as it might first appear. That’s because a lot of people

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