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Google Grants Empowers Non-Profits

by David Tandet A fundraiser friend in Santa Barbara was complaining about the difficulty of making more people aware of the non-profit she was doing pro bono work for, while keeping the organization’s costs down. “Have you tried Google Grants?” I asked. “What’s that?” “Just the best thing since sliced bread. Your 501(c)(3) might be

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David Ogilvy, Genius

by David Tandet In 2004, Adweek asked professionals “Which individuals — alive or dead — made you consider pursuing a career in advertising?” Could there be any doubt the number one response would be David Ogilvy? Ogilvy’s name also came back first when students were asked a similar question. Not bad for a guy who

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Lovemark Degrees Of Separation

by David Tandet Try if you will. A Lovemark — like Zen, your favorite pizza, and writing in the zone — can not easily be defined. Actually, a Lovemark is definable enough. But like Zen and great pizza, it can’t be truly understood until experienced. Lovemark degree of separation from a product, service or idea

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