About David Tandet

In his award-winning Well-Fed Writer series, Atlanta copywriter Peter Bowerman describes the writers group I founded as “spirited.”

What’s so exciting about B2B and B2C copy?

The chance to enhance clients’ images and increase their sales.

Bottom line? I love helping clients reach their target audience in the clearest, most effective manner.

I take pride in leading the way in professional copywriting standards and obsess about serving clients’ interests.

That dedication was drilled in when I was an undergraduate at the USC School of Journalism. I learned good habits like meeting every deadline and turning in clean copy. Those habits served me well during my work as a paralegal for the distinguished Los Angeles firm Gilbert, Kelly, Crowley & Jennett. I learned to write persuasive copy fast.

Then I decided to put my writing and reliability to work for clients as a marketing communicator and I haven’t looked back.

Call me or send an email. If I’m not immediately available I’ll get back to you pronto.

Contact me for a free consultation or to ask any questions.



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